Mon Bazou Wiki

The Smoll ATV is one of three vehicles immediately available to the player. It comes equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission (in place of a standard Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT) and a ball hitch for hauling a Trailer or Wood Splitter.

The small ATV, parked in a forested field, angled slightly to the viewer's right.

To start the ATV, the player must first shift into neutral; this is indicated by a green light above the gas fill cap becoming illuminated. Once started, the ATV is free to shift between gears just as a normal car or truck would. Reverse has its own indicator light, an orange one, located beside the green one.

The ATV is small enough to fit in the bed of the OlTruck; this is especially useful as way to recover a car stranded away from your home:

  • Drive your OlTruck to the stranded vehicle.
  • Return home in your once stranded vehicle.
  • Drive your Smoll ATV to your OlTruck.
  • Load the ATV in the back, and return home in the OlTruck.

To load the ATV into the truck, take the Hoist Puller from the bed and place it below the truck's rear bumper. Attach the hook to the top of the tailgate, and begin to crank the whole truck towards the ground. When the truck is low enough, you can open the tailgate to act as a ramp, and drive the ATV up it. Release the hoist puller from the truck and ground, close the tailgate, and drive the truck as you normally would.