Mon Bazou Wiki

The Rust Repair Kit is a consumable tool used to remove the rust from your vehicles. It is often used in conjunction with the Dent Repair Kit to achieve a smooth, even finish across your whole car.

They can be purchased from Kali-Gas for $49.99 each, and a total of two are stocked on the shelves per day. To use one, equip it using E, and click the body panel you wish to remove the rust from; the kit will be consumed, and you'll be left with one panel of your vehicle rust-free.

For especially rusty panels, you will need to reapply a layer of Clear Coat to make the color match the rest of the car, again.

The Konig will be the primary vehicle these kits are used on, but they can also be used on the OlTruck's chrome trim, the Buggy's frame, and any rusty rims on your vehicles, like those on Le Missile.