Player Garage

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The Garage is a building the player can choose to have constructed at the Mobile Home. It is a large, open building with room to comfortably store multiple vehicles, shelves, and automotive parts. The shutter door is electric, and requires power from the Generator or The Grid to function.

In order to build the Garage, the player must first achieve Friendship level 25 with Francis. Afterwards, he will offer to build it in exchange for 48 pieces of Firewood; be aware, this firewood will have a special drop-off point near his truck, away from his normal sell point. Once the firewood has been delivered, he will begin building the Garage; it is advised to not store anything on the concrete slab at this point, as it may impede construction or be lost in the process. After six working days, the Garage will be complete and available for the player to use.

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