Mon Bazou Wiki

The OlTruck is one of three vehicles immediately available to the player. It comes equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, a 4-wheel drive transfer case, a ball hitch for hauling a Trailer or Wood Splitter, and a spacious bed for hauling cargo. OlTruck takes design inspiration from a third generation Chevrolet C/K.

In game pickup truck, parked in front of the two gas pumps at the Kali-Gas station. It has had all the dents pulled, the rust removed, and painted a light shade of chocolate brown.

Exterior Customization:

  • Dents and blemishes can be pulled with the Dent Repair Kit.
  • Rust on the body panels and chrome trim can be removed with the Rust Repair Kit.
  • Cans of Spray Paint can be purchased from Kali-Gas and the Traveling Van to change the color and finish of the OlTruck. The main body, both doors, and all four rims can be painted independently.

Interior Customization:

  • Cans of Spray Paint can also be used to change the interior color and finish of the OlTruck. The seat and dash are considered to be one paintable part, together.