Mon Bazou Wiki

Mon Bazou is the game this wiki is about; it can also refer to the Konig. It is a french canadian term equal to beater or hooptie; a crappy car. It can be bought on Steam!

This game is made by Santa Goat.

Build your crappy vehicle into a race car by installing the parts yourself. Make money by cutting wood, racing at night or delivering pizza. Maybe you want to manage a sugar shack and make tons of maple syrup or build yourself a big garage?


You need to keep yourself fed by drinking delicious Maple Syrup and eating Poutine, welcome to Canada!It's taking place in 2005 with the hot scene of tuned cars and wanna-be streets racers.


- Lots of upgradable parts on the main vehicle- Install the parts yourself on the vehicle

- Trailer / Boat / ATV mechanics

- Bodywork tool & a very flexible spray paint system

How about in-game cash ?

- Boil sugar water and sell barrels of Maple Syrup

- Streets races at the night meet

- Deliver pizzas

- Grow plants / Sell weed joint

- Grow & Cut down trees to sell logs, or split it and sell for firewood

- Gather parts at the scrapyard to sell