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Example of the hoist puller in use

The Hoist Puller (also known as a Ratchet Puller, Hand Winch, or Come-Along) is a tool found in some Vehicles that can be used to pull a stuck or stranded vehicle out of a Ditch, deep water, or any other place it cannot be driven free.

To use the Hoist Puller, locate a vehicle containing one, and equip it using E. You'll want to plant the Hoist Puller in the ground away from the vehicle you wish to free, and attach its cable to the stuck vehicle. Return to the ratchet handle, and a prompt to Crink it will appear. Each successive Crink will draw the cable up tighter, and eventually pull the vehicle free.

After you've freed your vehicle, enter it to set the handbrake before removing the hoist puller; you don't want it to roll backwards and become stuck, again. After it's set, you're free to remove the hoist puller from the ground, return it to its holder, and drive away as normal.

Two Hoist Pullers can initially be found in the trunk of the Konig and the bed of the OlTruck, but two more can be found by obtaining Le Missile and Racecar. The Buggy and Smoll ATV don't have a hoist puller because they lack the storage space for it.