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Cannabis is a crop that can be grown and harvested in the game. It can be used as a source of profit by selling it to the other residents of the islands, or used by the player as a source of relief from Anxiety. The initial packet of Cannabis seeds can be found by climbing one of the three wind turbines at the Wind Farm. There is a 50% chance the seed packet will respawn per week, so players should check back regularly for the chance to get more seeds.

Cannabis Farm

The process for growing Cannabis is as follows:

  • Dig a hole with the Shovel
  • Place the Cannabis seeds in the hole
  • Water the plant with the Watering Can every day until it's 100% grown
  • Harvest with the Harvesting Basket, and collect the seeds that drop on the ground

Each harvested plant will produce one or two seeds. If another seed packet is already nearby, harvesting an additional plant will merge the two smaller packets into one, allowing for easy seed storage.

Once enough Cannabis has been harvested, take the basket to the Player's Home and place it near the couch and side table. It takes 10% of the basket's capacity to produce a single pack of joints with the grinder, and each pack contains 10 joints to smoke. If you have 10 individual packs, they can be bundled together using the tape next to the grinder.

If you wish to smoke the Cannabis for yourself, press E with a single pack in hand; this will add all 10 joints to your inventory. You can smoke one joint by pressing G, and your Anxiety will go down at the cost of some Hunger. The number of joints you have remaining in your inventory can be seen in the top left corner of the screen, beneath the current time of day. If you Die, all joints in your inventory will be lost.

To sell Cannabis to someone else, you must have at least level 5 Friendship with them. Once you do, you may walk into them holding the pack or bundle in your hand, and they will buy it from you: packs sell for $65, and bundles for $500. Certain characters, such as Gilles, Eric, Melanie and Mr. Bonjour, will never buy Cannabis from you, regardless of friendship level; while others, such as Jacques and Normand, will better their Friendship with you if you sell to them.