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The Buggy is a secondary project vehicle of the player. The chassis can be found outside the Mobile Home, and it requires 6 different parts to be built. Once complete, it can be filled with fuel and driven around.

A close up of the front of the buggy. The plastic sheeting has been lifted to reveal a small compartment used for storage. Inside, a bowl of poutine and a bottle of maple syrup have been placed.

The Buggy has a small compartment located on the front, useful for storing small items.

The parts are located at:

  • The Tubing is found in your wooden shed next to your Home.
  • The Engine and the Driveline are found at the Cottage.
  • The Wheels and the Steering Components are found at the Junkyard.
  • The Seat/Plastics can be found at the Sand Pit labeled PARFAIT on the map.